Traditional mountain viticulture combined with the latest winemaking technologies to obtain grapes of the utmost quality from which we make our terroir wines.

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  • The bodega has 23 hectares on the hillside of the ‘Sierra Salinas’ with an altitude from 550 to 700 meters above sea level.
  • The vines are rooted in limestone soil, in general both sandy and stony and extremely low in organic matter.
  • The climate is Mediterranean but has a continental influence with cold dry winters and extremely hot summers.

  • One of the most significant characteristics of our climate is the extreme summer fluctuation in temperatures between day (where temperatures can reach as high as 40°C) and night (where they can fall as low as 13-15°C). This process favours the steady maturation of our grapes, conserving aroma and balancing acidity.

  • Above all we have a deep respect for the environment, fighting off plagues and pests using entirely ecological methods, such as natural pheromone confusion techniques.


Plot: ‘La Tripa del Lobo’ (The Wolf’s Belly’)
Planted in 1978. Unirrigated bush vines
Sandy soil with a slight amount of clay
Deeper more full bodied wines (Sein)
Yield: 1.5 kg / vine approx

Plot: ‘El Puerto’ (The Port)
Planted in 1963. Unirrigated bush vines Sandy soil
Fresher and fruitier wines (Sein)
Yield: 1.5 kg / vine approx

Plot: ‘La Casa’ (The House’)
Planted in 1948. Unirrigated bush vines
Very stony soil
Very structured, mineral wines (El Telar)
Yield: 700 – 800 kg / vine approx


monastrell parcela el puertomonastrell parcelala casamonastrell parcelala tripa del lobomonastrell parcela el puertomonastrell parcela la casa

Planted in 1983 in trellis
Sandy soil with slight amount of clay
Brings structure and balanced acidity to the wines
Yield: 1 kg / vine approx


cabernet sauvignon parcela

Planted in 2002 in trellis
Clayey soil
Brings body and roundness (Sein)
Yield: 2kg / vine approx


syrah parcela

Planted in 2006 in trellis
Sandy Soil
Yield: 2kg / vine approx


chardonnay parcela

Planted in 2013 in trellis
Very sandy and saline soil